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Swansea B Fixtures 2006-07
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Swansea B Fixtures 2006-07


12th september 2006       13th Febuary 2007
bye                        Bye
26th September 2006       27th Febuary 2007
Porthcawl away             Porthcawl home
10th October 2006         13th March 2007
Senghenydd home            Senghenydd away
24th October 2006         20th March 2007
Treharris away             Treharris home
7th November 2006         27th march 2007
Rhondda Borough home    Rhondda Borough away   
21st November 2006        10th April 2007
bye                           Bye
5th December 2006          24th April 2007
Briton Ferry home          Briton Ferry away
19th December 2006         8th may 2007
Cwm Rondda away            Cwm Rhondda home
9th January 2007            15th may 2007 
Caerphilly home             Caerphilly away
16th January 2007          29th may 2007
Bargoed away                Bargoed home
30th January 2007           19th June 2007
Garw valley home            Garw valley away