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Swansea B Fixtures 2006-07
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Match Reports



yes a tremendous start for SwanseaII coming up against, may i say, not a strong Porthcawl side, but you still have to beat the player you are up against.

The boys showed that they can handle pressure and claw back legs they have lost. This shows the right attitude that is needed to make Swansea II a successful side.

can i also mention Damian Edgehill, with myself was the only player not to play last night. He showed what is needed to have a successful team, by supporting the games as they went on, I know he was dissapointed not to play but i am confident that when his time comes he will take his time with confidence.  And from myself as appointed captain all can say is, all the players and the rest of the team showed by the attitude taken we can look forward to a successful season.


1st was a very confident Chris Webber after his good showing at Porthcawl a very good game followed against R Vaughan but the doubles did not get hit and therefore Chris lost his game 2-3
ave- Webber 19.44 Vaughan 20.52

2nd Andrew Dennis playing a very good player K butterfield, Andrew was overcome 3-0 in a game where he did not hit the scores we know he can and Butterfield hit a man of the match performance for Sengenhenydd
ave- Dennis 19.45 Butterfield 22.43

3rd Wayne Williams was next to the oche full of confidence after his man of the match performance last time out. The scoring in this game was to a high standard and only for the missed doubles the averages could have been a lot higher. Wayne overcome a good player in R Clark 3-2
ave-Williams 18.70 Clark 16.79

4th Carl Dawkins showed his experience in this game scoring well and by digging in and overcoming a very good player J Rees 3-2 Carl showing the passion that is needed to succeed.
ave- Dawkins 22.24 Rees 20.86

5th Ebo Heaven came to the oche against N Clark, both players going off with great scoring. Ebo taking his doubles when asked and some excellent scoring, securing him the man of the match performance.
ave- Ebo 24.88 Clark 21.68

6th young Paddy Murphy next, and the trend continued with young Murph showing why he is held in high regard taking on the experienced A Butterfield in a very close game but Murphy overcoming his opponent winning this close game 3-2
ave- Murphy 20.80 Butterfield 20.61

7th Steve Carmicheal came to the oche looking to improve on his last game, and managed it with ease with some good scoring and taking his doubles when asked. His opponent B Davies sticking to the task but losing out 3-0 to a much improved Carmicheal
ave-Carmicheal 20.31 Davies 19.37

8th Gordon Grey playing the penultmate game against A Hosey, this game didnt live up to expectations with both players playing under par. Gordon grey just returning from holidays only 4 hours before the game looked jaded after a long flight. Although hitting 180 Gordon could not keep up this sort of scoring and eventualy lost to Hosey 3-2
ave- Grey 16.39 Hosey 15.66

9th the final game saw Mark Todd face P Thomas, a long wait for both players and it showed with both players not hitting their potential and under acheiving in the game Mark losing out 3-1 but again showing determination and never letting his head drop.

             SWANSEA vs TREHARRIS

1st to Play Steve carmicheal, a nervy start continued through the game and steve could'nt maintain his improved game and lost to K Dowing 3-1
ave- Carmicheal 18.42 Dowing 18.95

2nd up was young Murphy keeping up his winning streak by over coming a stong player in P Minett with some well taken doubles and a steady game murphy came through to win 3-2
ave- Murphy 20.21 Minett 19.01

3rd Mark Todd came to the oche with his own fan club in tow, namely his nephew, with his locks flowing and some dogged darts he managed to overcome R Thomas, Mark came through to win a scrappy game 3-2
ave- Todd 19.76 Thomas 19.19

4th the beast Andrew Dennis played a very good player in J Marshall with both players hitting some excellent darts. The beast was on for a win but unfortunatly those doubles did not appear and Dennis losing the game with a better ave than Marshall 3-2
ave- Dennis 21.89 Marshall 20.32

5th Ebo was next to play hoping to keep up his M.O.M performance from the last game. Ebo started at a blistering pace and throwing some superb darts was on the way to an excellent result against N Williams. But a game that could have gone either way Williams took out the doubles required and Ebo lost the game again with a better ave than his opponent. The result of 3-2 to Williams was not a reflection on the darts thrown by Ebo.
ave- Ebo 24.29 Williams 23.63

6th Gordon Grey next to the oche overcoming his opponent K Davies with some ease. Grey thowing steady darts with 180 part of his scores, and hitting his doubles with consistant ease. His opponent did not give up but Grey with his experience and showing no nerves shook hands winning a well deserved game 3-1
ave- Grey 21.05 Davies 20.04

7th Wayne Williams up against M Dale was a game that could have gone either way. Williams hitting 180 on his way to a 3-2 win. Some darts thrown were not of the standard expected from williams but shows that when his back is against the wall he can dig deep and win important games for the team.
ave- Williams 21.28 Dale 18.33

8th A man of the match performance from Carl dawkins against a very good player in P Hare was the game of the night with the bird hitting some excellent scores and taking his doubles when asked. This performance shows why the bird is held in great regard by his teammates and produced a game worthly of his M.O.M
ave- Dawkins 25.47 Hare 23.25

9th The last player of the night Damian Edgell has been clicking his heels for 2 games and was given his chance against R Davies. The game being the last of the night was a very difficult baptism for Edgell. But with some excellent support from the rest of his team mates and some well taken doubles we saw what we can expect from Edgell in future games. He won his game 3-2 with what was a dissapointing ave but i am sure that we will see better from this player in the future.
ave- Edgell 18.35 Davies 18.66


going into the game with an unbeaten record Swansea B were confident but this confidence was short lived.

Before writing this report can i thank mark todd who, although ill with a trapped nerve in his shoulder showed the commitment required to have a successful team by turning up and backing the boys all the way and marking the score sheet all night with no hesitation.

1st Gordon grey came to the oche with a very respecful average and wins under his belt, gordon could do nothing against a player in G Pugh determined to show his class, although gordon showed his class with a very good leg and hitting 171 was defeated in a very good game 3-1
grey 21.01 pugh 22.56

2nd Damian edgell playing only his second game did not throw the darts we all know he can and in a dissapointing game lost to A hughes 3-0 we all know that damian can throw class darts but is at the moment finding it hard to reach his potential. just a mention that hughes took out a very good 120.
edgell 18.10 hughes 18.56

3rd young murph has been showing his class in previous weeks but could not overcome a stubborn m davies and went down 3-0 with murphy hitting 180 and several attempts at doubles the luck just was'nt there. with both players hitting respectable averages it just was not murphys night.
murphy 22.77 davies 22.10

4th wayne williams with already one MOM under his belt played a very good player in w harries and again williams walked away with the swansea MOM award with his display winning 3-1 williams feeling under the weather with a bad cold still managed to hit his doubles when required and overcome his opponent with what could have been an even better average if he was feeling himself.
williams 23.19 harries 18.47

5th steve carmicheal again was mr consistancy with a steady torrent of 60s and 100s playing m smith.  cazz walking away with 3-1 win despite busting 111 in one leg. cazz seems to have weeks where the darts just flow and other weeks where he will struggle against minor players but seems to be able to pull it out when required. once again mr consistancy.
carmicheal 19.47 smith 16.25

6th chris webber has been kicking his heels for 2 weeks and when getting his chance unfortunatly did'nt take it. webber being the player we know he is did not produce the darts on the night with a very dissapointing game against d rogers losing 3-0. prehaps the break was playing on his mind and tried to hard but with averages returned he will have to play a lot better to produce the darts and averages we know he can.
webber 17.89 rogers 15.64

7th steve washer playing his first game standing in for m todd produced a display of darts that will confuse many people. having taken the first leg against b cole he managed to lose all track of the game and the nerves really set in. cole hitting two 180s on the way to a 3-1 win.
washer 18.28 cole 23.83

8th by this time this reporter had to leave due to onforseen circumstances and missed this excellent game between a dennis and c james, dennis winning the game 3-1 with a respectful average. i am sure that dennis produced the steady game we have all come to expect from him and.
dennis 20.61 c james 18.35

9th game of the night brought together two players in  c dawkins and j james both capable of hitting high standards of darts. the game apparently did not disappoint with both players hitting very good averages and high scores. dawkins not taking his opportunities on the doubles fell at the last hurdle 3-1 to  the rhonnda MOM disply by davies. i am sure this will not dent the confidence that dawkins has in his darts and will soon return to winning ways.

this ended the nights darts with Swansea losing their first game 4-5 but i am sure that by the response that was shown by the swansea players that they will return to winning ways very shortly.


Swansea next game of the season was home to local rivals Briton Ferry with Swansea just below Briton Ferry by a few points it was going to be a good game

1st on for swansea was Andrew Dennis against Mike Lewis. Andrew starting well taking the first leg in 24 darts but then Mike came back to take the next 3 legs with legs of 19,22,22 to win 3.1

Andrew average of 19.07 and Mike with a 22.78

2nd game was Wayne Williams against Tim Jones.Tim taking the first leg in 20 darts 2nd leg tim hit a 180 but wayne followed it with another 180 and take the 2nd leg with a 15 darter and he won the 3rd leg in 24 darts taking out a 75 game shot with Tim hitting another 180 but Tim won the next 2 legs with 15 and 23 dart leg to win 3.2

Wayne average of 21.72 Tim 25.80.

3rd game was Stuart Heaven against Andrew Smith.Andrew won the 1st leg in 26 darts after both players missed doubles then Stuart Heaven won the 2nd leg with a nice 80 shot out and he won the next 2 legs which included a 89 shot out with legs of 23,21

Stuart M.O.M average of 23.24 and Andrew 21.12.

4th game saw Chris Webber play Neil Jones Chris started strong winning the first leg in 23 darts Neil then came back to win the next 2 legs in 26 and 27 dart legs but Chris was not finished he won the 4th leg with a nice 68 game shot and a 20 dart leg but with both players on a double Chris went up and missed double 10 but Neil held his nerve and hit double 10 to win the match 3.2

chris average 20.15 and Neil 20.08.

5th game saw a very good game which was Patrick Murphy against Ron Gerrard Ron taking the first leg with a 57 game shot and 23 darts and he won the 2nd leg as well with a nice 17 darter but both legs Patrick was waiting on 40 then Patrick won the 3rd leg in 23 darts taking out 60 but Ron was playing well taking another 17 dart leg and a 90 game shot to win 3.1

Patrick average of 22.60 and Ron 24.24.

6th game was Gordan Grey play Allwyn Collins a nervous start by both players missing doubles but Allwyn won the first 2 legs in 29 and 23 but the 4rd leg saw Gordon coming back to win the leg with a good 75 game shot and a 24 darter but Allwyn hit the winning double after Gordon hit a nice 120 to leave 16 with a 22 dart leg Allwyn won 3.1

Gordon average 20.01 and Allwyn 20.67.

7th game saw another very good game Carl Dawkins against Carl Williams Williams taking the first leg in 24 darts hitting 3 tons on the way but Dawkins came back winning the next 2 legs in 19 and 23 then Williams came back to hit a nice 15 dart leg so with the score tied at 2.2 Dawkins steped up and missed 1 dart at a double but Williams did not miss he won the leg in 26 darts and match 3.2

dawkins average 21.71 Williams 22.57.

8th game was Mark Todd play Paul Suhanski both players not hitting form with Mark winning the first leg in 28 then he won the 2nd hitting 2 140's in 27 darts and he won the 3rd as well in 23 darts winning the first 3.0 of the night

Marks average of 19.26 and Paul 18.61.

9th and last game of the night saw Steve Carmichel against Ray Johnson Ray playing his first ever game for Briton Ferry Ray taking his first leg in 23 darts but Steve then missed 6 darts at a double to win the 2nd but Ray then won the leg in 27 and he also won the 3rd in 20 to win 3.0

steve average of 19.95 and Ray 21.47.t

that meant Briton Ferry won 7.2 but Swansea will feel hard done by, after missing doubles